Notes On Vision

(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images) While researching material for the “Vision” chapter of my upcoming book I came across a few valuable articles. The first one is a fresh new article from Forbes, which you can read here, about David Bowie and how as far back as 2002 he predicted that music would one day […]

wwi running

A World Without War

In memory of  the soldiers who fought in World War I War Is An Absurd, Absurd Thing War is insane. The youth of a country, full of life and promise, is sent to an early death. Limbs are torn. Souls are shattered. Families are destroyed. Women are raped. Children are killed. Cities are ravaged. Wars should not […]


Shock and Awe

Photo source: Shock and awe: Overwhelm the enemy. How do we do it in everyday life? By hustling. Be better, stronger, better dressed, more prepared, faster, even more subtle. Do whatever it takes to be awesome. Put in the long hours required to prepare for whatever the task at hand is. Squeeze every last idea […]


Dealey Plaza, Then and Now

These pictures were taken on a visit to Dallas in late November. I happened to be at Dealey Plaza at around noon (the same time of day of the Kennedy assasination), and stood on the same pedestal where Abraham Zapruder filmed the  assasination of JFK. I then took a quick series of pictures, perhaps 12 […]


The Battle Of Anghiari, Rediscovered

NatGeo is poised to bring back to life the long lost Leonardo da Vinci painting The Battle Of Anghiari at the Palazzo Vecchio. It has long been believed that Giorgio Vasari painted The Battle Of Marciano over the remnants of Leonardo’s painting, fifty years after da Vinci abandoned his unfinished project. It is unlikely that […]


Smoked Rice

Pictured: My grandfather Jose with me and sister Mariel, late 1980s. One of the most powerful life lessons I’ve learned came from the kitchen, and my grandfather quite accidentally taught it. It must have been 1988 or 1989. I was in high school then, and came back home daily from school to an empty condo […]